Building with Eco Build



Make it personal, build a home that is uniqueness yours. Eco Build provide services from budget, being part of your design team to building of a complete home. Clients enjoy their building experiences with us, being able to involve in all the phases from start to completion.



The key to success in commercial buildings are time line fulfilment with quality of work being assured. We keep our management and engineering team focus on each project assigned to us.


Quality Inspection

Buying a ready made property from another is usually a major decision. In Malaysia, the standard for compliance inspection is Qlassic Standard. In Eco Build, we provide inspection prior to buying decision and buy acceptance.

To be the preferred builder in the region, ensuring that each of our clients
enjoy the process of building houses (work places).
These are the places where we
laugh, grow, dream and sometimes holding us at challenging times.


Rebar in Construction

Reinforcing bars are one of the crucial reinforcement elements in a building structure. They are usually tied together in mesh form, as tension device in reinforced concrete.  They are commonly called as “rebars” in building industry, abbreviation...

Green School Bali – The Eco-Adventure Field Trip 2019

It was our Eco Build pleasure to visit Bali Green School last year.  It is not an ordinary educational institution for young ones to learn but a great place to instill environmental care and preservation concepts. Over...

The Stunning Black and White Pair

This staircase put together the primary colours and it is in a Plantation House theme bungalow.  Black timber tread finishes, white risers and rails and black handrail. It is a perfect match of black and white. It is inevitable to design staircase...