Swimming is surely a brilliant idea in a hot summer day. Getting a soak or tan is simply a way to relax. This newly built swimming pool by Eco Build is an Olympic size swimming pool comprising 1.2-meter depth at adult pool, a shallow wading pool and a fire pit at the far end. This is a high-end luxury pool located in one of our bungalow projects in Leisure Farm, finishes with granular pinkies granite.

Factors to consider building a swimming pool are like depth of swimming pool, size, shape, finishes, system and pool drainage.  We will discuss about pool drainage in this chapter.  The drainage system used for this pool is skimmer system. For skimmer pools, pool water usually reaches about 4 inches below decking. A skimmer is constructed at the pool wall and reaches slightly above water.  The function of a skimmer is to pull the topmost water together with any debris into its filtration system. On the other hand, the overflow system is another popular pool drainage system. Overflow pools will have water flush over pool surface with an overflow channel along the pool border. The function of overflow channel is to catch overflow water and direct it to a balancing tank below pool, which also acts as filter.  Generally, overflow system swimming pool is a more preferred choice, for its seamless pool view from deck surface look, no doubt the ultimate type of pool drainage system is influenced by the pool overall design.

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