If you are a nature lover or sensitive to chlorine in those modern swimming pools, a natural swimming pool might be a good option for you. Our natural swimming pool might be the first in Johor and probably the first in Malaysia (there’s so far no data that a natural swimming pool is built in Malaysia at time of writing this). This natural swimming pool is built together as part of the facility for a bungalow unit in Leisure Farm, Iskandar Puteri region. The overall system is built with a vertically walled at swimming part adjacent to the natural pool (regeneration area). Complement with mechanical filtration system, the key of making the system a success is a big regeneration zone, well stocked with submerged plants and surface plants. Natural pool provides an attractive visual landscape, just imagine of swimming surrounded by greenery, colourful water lilies and probably the fragrance of pandan leaves. Tending to plants makes up the bulk of work for maintain natural swimming-pool. Regular plants trimming, removing yellow leaves, putting fertiliser and cleaning up algae are some of the regular activities. In tropical weather, one of the great challenge of natural pool is controlling the growth of algae; as a rule, the warmer temperature and higher light intensity, provide a good environment for algae to thrive. Thus, maintaining a good balance of plant is a rule of keeping this natural pool at its top condition.

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