A double story bungalow with ample of greens surrounding the house. That is not sufficient for someone who really loves greens, the bungalow even has an indoor garden and high skylight for natural sunlight. It is always a great idea of having more plants at home, it is evident that houseplants will positively influence the air quality in your home as well promotes creativity and relieves stress.  The architecture of this bungalow is neat yet beautifully designed to meet house owner’s day to day lives and preferences.  The design best suiting tropical climate, minimalist with simple row of horizontally cement and timber look columns which are not only structurally function but also being uniquely character for this bungalow. Every rooms with their personal view balcony, with private bathroom attached. The interior is featured with an oriental design screen, tall windows, and openings that allow flow of cool breeze.  In general, the design is based on open layout for common spaces like living, dining and dry kitchen where they are visually separated through different ceiling heights and furniture placement.  Another character of this bungalow, of its double volume ceiling, and floor to ceiling glass curtain wall that allow plenty of sunlight to enter the space, and always in constant relationship with nature and blue skies. Stay tuned to this upcoming bungalow in Leisure Farm.

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