Water dripping from ceiling, when you look above your plaster ceiling, your plaster ceiling is starting to turn brown, and paints start to crack and bubbling. If you have experienced this, the likelihood of leaks due to waterproofing failure. However, there could be other causes for this scenario.  Usually, waterproofing has its lifespan, in which its length depends on the area of application, type of waterproof, and workmanship. There are various types of waterproofing; from the cementitious coating, polyvinylchloride membrane to bituminous membrane type, depending on the area of application.

The following picture was a project completed by Eco Build at Bale Club, Leisure Farm. This waterproofing project at the reinforced concrete flat roof (RC flat roof) was completed using a prefabricated polymeric bitumen waterproofing membrane, which is made of distilled bitumen modified with high molecular weight. The surface is cleaned, ensured it is free of dust, and dry before application. The bituminous membrane is later thermo-welded on horizontal and vertical surfaces with propane gas torch, with few other key aspects like joint, lapping to take note.

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