Building a 1930s bungalow is as if the builder teaming with owners and architect, boarding a time capsule back to the British colonial time in Malaya. Observing an ongoing project, we have in Eco Build, a typical colonial bungalow basically of thicker brick wall, finishes with dark varnished timber flooring, coloured tiles, fine chandeliers and black framed and wood furniture. Among those features, the one we find beauty in it, is the coloured and patterned cement encaustic tiles. The uniqueness of cement encaustic tiles is, every piece is handmade, a piece at a time using mineral pigments, cement and a divider mould. For they are all hand-made, the tiles are expected to a have a small imperfections, which is adding for its special character. The laying of these tiles need to handle with proper planning, starting from drafting every single piece to the floor area, ensuring the pattern is well laid and is not simply ‘cut’ at any edge or corners. Laying them at clean environment and applying right sealer for protect the tiles and colour. In short, it is job of the meticulous one.

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