It is a fact that concrete and its technology has come a long way since its discovery. It can be tracked back to 6500BC that Nabataea traders had in Syria and Jordan has started using concrete in floor and their housing structure. On the other hand, Egyptians started using mortars of lime in construction of pyramids, and China using another form of cement to build Great Wall of China. In modern construction, the composition of concrete are materials like aggregate (gravel and sand), cement and water. Concrete is classified by their grade, for their specified crushing strength at 28 days. Depending on factors like design and usage, different grade of concrete is used.

Concrete quality control can be at different phases, i.e. review of concrete design and its strength at pre concreting stage, slump test, pouring of concrete quality control and curing stage. Some may even check at post concreting stage, to review post concrete strength achievement for a particular batch of casting.

Above image is our first casting at Horizon Hill bungalow project. Say hi to our first ‘tong’ ☺️

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