How about beautify your space with a thought provoking decorative screen? This is a piece of artwork made of pieces of square shaped metal that are welded together and painted with car grade paint, for its original design intent is to divide space, to be located at a public area and under semi shade environment.

Decorative screen panels are a choice when ones would like to have space divided such as mark out zone between a living and room, for privacy that offers a visual escape from neighbors or even for acoustic purpose. Some might even consider a decorative screen to accentuate a designing theme of a space.

There are various materials for a decorative screen like wood, metal, cloth, paper, stone and plastic. The selection of material quite dependent on where the screen will be located at, such as if it will be exposed to different weather conditions, design and installation (fixed at a place or not).  There are lots of other decorative screens created using many other ways, such as metal laser cut, final metal or wood craving and engraving.

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