It was our Eco Build pleasure to visit Bali Green School last year.  It is not an ordinary educational institution for young ones to learn but a great place to instill environmental care and preservation concepts. Over the half day visit to Bali Green school last year, our team is exposed to various green works in this school.  From food generating hydroponics, initiative of using saw dust in replacing water in rest rooms, saw dust fuel for cooking, using of used cooking oil as fuel for school buses, the school is generating around 90% of its energy using solar panels and hydro powered turbine.

Of the classroom design, it is fully open or so called ‘wall-less’ bamboo campus – basically it is a no-wall classroom which greatly promotes creativity in learning. Bamboo is the key materials used in building this green school. In our view, the selection of using bamboos to build is wise, as they are just like wood with high strength to weight ratio, suitable to use as structures. Most important, bamboos are one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Study reveals certain species of bamboo grow around 90cm within 24 hours. One of the popular principles promotes in this school is “Bend like a Bamboo”, which is indeed useful for our day to day modern lifestyle. As the common saying, “The only constant is change”, so ability to adapt like bamboo is a fundamental life concept.

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