If your design intent is to save space, spiral staircase is the right choice. It is the top picks of staircase design as the cylindrical structure of spiral staircase occupies lesser space than conventional staircase.  With bold profile and unique configurations, spiral staircase can be iconic object, being an unmistakable aesthetic flair to your space.

There are few factors to consider while designing a spiral staircase, such as (i) the distance (height) between floors, (ii) the angle of rotation, consideration where the staircase first step will start which is  same point it will end,  and lastly (iii)  the diameter of spiral staircase. Spiral staircases can take different forms. Owning to its cylindrical shape, they are a lot of elements a designer can combine. For example, combination of different materials for railing, stairs, different width, and breadth of the staircase where some of them can be a piece of fine artwork, as focal point of a home.

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